mobile laser

Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS)

Our capability to deliver Mobile Laser Scanning services comes from investing in industry leading technology, giving us the ability to provide survey data far more efficiently and safely than traditional survey methods.

Our clients love this capability as they can continue works on their projects much quicker as we can capture, obtain, and deliver required survey data faster. Our laser-scanner of choice, Leica Pegasus Two, turns the length of a survey from days to hours, the cost-saving potential and efficiency gain is of great value to our clients. 

Instead of a stationary traditional survey conducted in dangerous environments such as a major highway or rail corridor, interrupting services and site resources, our Laser Scanning unit can capture data at road speeds in a much efficient manner. 

Accuracy is assured with a combination of a robust GNSS solution, inertial measurement units and advanced processing software. When incorporating survey ground control points into any project, accuracy can be further improved upon.