Instrumentation & Monitoring

Our focus has always been on the implementation of cutting-edge and industry leading technology, by identifying industry trends and opportunities to provide new value to our clients. This identification of new opportunities led to us being an early-adopter of monitoring & instrumentation technology.

Now, Heading & Associates provides this service as a comprehensive solution to monitoring the deformation and movement of constructed infrastructure overtime. Our technology gives us the ability to track and analyse any changes in movement which could be catastrophic to the structural integrity of infrastructure if left unchecked, or handled using incorrect methods. 

More and more clients are realising the importance of this technology, by reducing their risk and obtaining the ability to see any real-time warnings within the below environments;

  • Structural Monitoring of bridges, dams, viaducts, tunnels
  • Rail monitoring including tunnels, bridges, rails and related infrastructure
  • Landslide and Seismic activity
  • Slope stability monitoring
  • Real-time bridge deck guidance during construction
  • Real-time positioning for water-based piling rigs
  • Structural subsidence monitoring
  • Heritage building-facade monitoring¬†