UAV Mapping & Surveying

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones can carry payloads including cameras, lidar (laser scanning) units and thermal imaging sensors. Modern drones feature extremely high-resolution cameras and RTK/PPK systems to improve accuracy to unprecedented levels. Compact lidar units offer point cloud data capture in areas previously inaccessible.

Drone technology enables our team to capture data on a greater scale than ever before in a range of applications including;

  • Volume calculations from photogrammetric models/meshes
  • Cost tracking and project progress reporting
  • Change detection analysis
  • Site fly-throughs and general imagery
  • Quality assurance through design comparisons
  • Airborne laser-scanning
  • Structural assessments and inspection
  • Thermal detection for fire management
  • Feature surveys
  • Mapping

Deliverables from UAV data typically include reports and plans, orthomosaics and models, point clouds, digital terrain models and meshes and fly-through visualisations.